A copier is an essential office equipment within the office as it is responsible for the entire company’s printing, scanning and copying services. In fact, a copier is a central hub for sharing information and documents around the office. As such, it is always important to ensure that the company’s copier is able to work effectively and efficiently. However, like all other office equipment, a copier’s useful life is finite. There will come a time where the copier will not perform as well as it used to be and thus, you will need to procure a new one. So, here are 5 key signs that it is time to replace your copier:

  • Constant Maintenance

If you realise that your copier is consistently experiencing issues and you are always calling the maintenance technician for repairs, it is a sign to consider replacing a new copier to save on repair costs, which can be relatively expensive. In fact, the costs of repairs overtime may even outweigh the cost of obtaining a new copier. In this scenario, it is more cost-effective to replace your copier.

  • Poor Print Quality

If you realise that the print quality is steadily going downhill such as having smear marks, or unclear words on your print copies, it is a sign that your current copier needs to be replaced with a newer copier for better print quality.

  • Employee Complaints

The employees are usually the one who utilises the copier the most. As such, if you find that the employees are having many issues or complaints about the copier performance, then it is a sign to replace the copier so as to improve employee productivity and efficiency.

  • High Cost Per Print

As compared to newer models, older copier tend to be less energy-efficient and use up more consumables such as toners, drums, and developer units, thus increasing the cost per print. Henceforth, if you realise that your cost per print is high, it is a sign to switch to a newer copier to reduce cost of print and increase energy efficiency.

  • Expanding Business

If your business is expanding and you feel that your current copier is hindering progress by not being able to keep up with the document output such as being slow or do not have the latest technology, then it is a sign to replace with a newer copier that is able to match your output expectations in volume, speed, and quality.