Photocopiers have 2 types namely: Analog and Digital. People acquired the knowledge to execute a task fast and simultaneously due to the technological advancement that is occurring everyday for the past two decades. It is mostly relevant when a business needs to produce high-quality and quantity documents. However, just like every object that exist, it has its own pros and cons. Here are some Advantages and Disadvantages of Photocopiers.


  • Speed – The primary key feature of photocopiers is its speed. That is why photocopiers are best bought by companies that needs to produce multiple documents in a short time.
  • Flexible – Against the rising odds, printing machines evolved into this form. Print, scan, fax, are only some features that makes photocopiers flexible.
  • User friendly and eco-friendly – The user interface of photocopiers are a little complex and could need getting used to. But, one feature that make it user-friendly is its capability to scan documents and directly print it. Furthermore, it also can use two-sides of the same paper so users won’t need as much paper which makes it eco-friendly.


  • Cost – Photocopiers’ initial cost is high compared to other printing machines. Moreover, toners that are used for copiers and its machine parts are also factors which puts “Cost” in the disadvantages. Lastly, at least quarterly maintenance is advised to prevent huge loss with investing in a photocopier.
  • Physical size – Photocopiers must be put in the right place to erase the need for moving it.
  • Noise Pollution – Most photocopiers produces sound that may present as irritating to others creating a distracting environment.


In spite of its disadvantages, photocopiers are still important. Fast execution of tasks, east-to-learn interface, and retention of documents is necessary for many businesses making it worthy of its price. “Advantages and Disadvantages of Photocopiers”