Offices usually have at least one photocopier for every department for their own convenience. The issue here is that the machines’ capability to produce quality result depends on the workload of the staff. High workload-quantity usually hints that the machine, soon, will exhibit problems. These are some Common Photocopier Problems that you might encounter and how to fix it.

PAPER JAM – This issue tends to happen the most since it depends on the workload-quantity of the staff. Due to poorly set-up machine and stacks of workload, this may occur at the worst-possible time. To FIX this problem, you will need to manually remove the jammed paper and rearrange the paper properly. Side note, DON’T pull the paper too fast and hard since it may rip; leaving a piece of paper inside.

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UNNECESSARY LINE PRINTS Documents made that has this problem may appear improper and unprofessional. This issue occurs usually when there’s a micro substance that should not be inside your machine. Malfunctioning drum and developer units may also cause this. The fact is, you can’t do this alone. The only way to fix it is if you call a specialist to take care of it.

SPOTS WITHIN COPIES – This issue is always unwanted. It may occur due to debris in the copy mirror. Since most photocopiers have instructions on how to clean the glass inscribed in its manual, this’ll be easy for you. The only thing though is that a photocopier is a vital part of the office so at least a monthly maintenance is a must.