Photocopying and printing are one of the most executed tasks in almost every business. Due to this, investing in a multi-functional can be a difficult business decision due to its initial cost and maintenance expense. Despite colored being the most picked variant of photocopier, there are still some disadvantages. This blog will highlight monochrome vs. colored multi-functional laser printer.


Generally speaking, colored printers tend to cost more due to its use of multiple toners as compared to monochrome that uses a single toner cartridge. Moreover, its toner cartridges aren’t reducing in amount evenly which requires replacement for a single cartridge. Lastly, due to its more complex technology, it is more likely to require replacements which increases its cost.


Colored Laser Printers are usually heavier and bigger than its counterpart. Moreover, compared to a monochrome laser printer, its performance is slower.


Aside to the cost-per-page, another is its initial cost. If you checked out the market and compared the price of monochrome and colored, the latter always costs more.

Colored laser printers, like monochrome has also significant benefits that I think you should consider despite its disadvantages.


The power of advertising and marketing relies on its content, and color is essential. Many studies have confirmed that color makes marketing and advertising collaterals more pleasing to the eyes, thereby increasing a company’s brand visibility

Investing in something like this takes careful considerations to be successful. If done hastily, choosing between monochrome vs. colored multi-functional laser printer? will be difficult. But, you have to remember what your company’s demand because the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.