Most companies use their multi-function photocopiers (MFPs) on a daily basis. In every office, the need to scan, print, and photocopy frequently arise. Although your photocopier has been reliable for years, it is important to know when you should change your MFP. Here are some Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Multi-Function Photocopier.


Like an infant, a business grows the way you shape it to be. This means that your growing business may surpass its standard printing needs. This makes your machine impractical. When this happens, it’s time to get an upgrade. Acquire an MFP that will better suit your printing needs.


Does it feel like you’re always waiting for your documents to finish printing? Is the print quality of the documents poor? Then that’s one of the signs to get an upgrade. If your MFP performs below your expectations or just simply can’t keep up with your growing business, then an upgrade will do the trick.


Recurring technical issues that your service provider fixes more than twice a month is no joke. Why? Because it can affect the productivity of your staff and reduce the overall performance of the entire office. This scenario may also be a sign to rid of your decaying machine and get an upgrade. That way, your company will be able to do more while being technologically updated.


All stated above are reasons in which a change of MFP is the right call. If more than one of these occurs in your company, you should really consider having an upgrade.

“Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Multi-Function Photocopier

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