When investing in a photocopier, it is important to know what kind of needs you want to satisfy. Moreover, one should be knowledgeable regarding the condition of the machine that the company will invest in. Photocopier machines usually comes in three forms; brand new, used and refurbished. These forms decide whether the investment will come through or will only cause chaos. In addition, the remaining two, excluding brand new machines are always in contrast with each other. With this in mind, this blog will reveal “Why Getting A Refurbished Photocopier Is Better”.

Let’s define used and refurbished machine before discussing about the main topic.


Refers to resold or returned machines. There are many factors relating to a machine becoming used, one of which is the desire of a company to get an upgrade.


Refers to serviced back to “almost” brand new/showroom condition machines. These type of machines are those that gets its parts replaced to perform as if it’s new. Furthermore, it also extends its life span.

Refurbished Or Used?

There are multiple factors to consider when investing in a machine that has a purpose of making the workplace a little easier to handle. Furthermore, these factors are almost identical that it can be easily overlooked. With this in mind, one question is vividly presented through these words, refurbished or used?

Used and refurbished machines are both cheap and good for the environment. Furthermore, they both show great potential to companies across the globe. But, there is one thing that refurbished machines have that used ones doesn’t, life span.

Initially, a company thinks about what will happen on an investment they make in a long-term perception. Refurbished machines satisfies all company needs longer due to its lengthy life span. Both forms are cheap and eco-friendly, the only difference is that with refurbished, companies won’t have to worry about time. This is Why Getting A Refurbished Photocopier Is Better.