Educational institutions like universities are one of the places where printers, copiers, and fax machines are a necessity. From printing stacks of worksheets to compiling practice notes, the photocopier forms the backbone of every successful education institution. However, the average photocopier is bulky. With options like the lighter and seemingly portable printer, why still opt for a photocopier?


That’s because a school’s printing volume is immense. According to an article written by, the average school goes through an average of 2,000 sheets of paper per day. That’s a whopping 320,000 sheets a year!

Moreover, unlike a photocopier which can churn out printed sheets of paper at lightning speeds of up to 90ppm*, a printer can only go at a measly rate of 15ppm*. There is no way a printer can match up to a photocopier’s performance and reliability in a school setting.

*ppm stands for paper per minute


“A standard ink cartridge for the average printer can only print roughly 220 pages. A high capacity cartridge prints an average of 350 pages, (its tank holds 16 ml of ink).”

PC Magazine

To process and print several pages over extended periods of time is a photocopier’s purpose. On the contrary, a printer was designed for home use where usage is less. Moreover, compare that to the photocopier’s threshold of an estimated 2500 pages, the photocopier beats the printer by tenfold.


There will be additional costs incurred through the use of a photocopier like replacing toner cartridges and servicing that you might not experience with a printer, but a photocopier still triumphs in the end to suit the needs of education institutions perfectly.

Why Photocopier’s Are The Best For Educational Institutions

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