Printing in the workplace has gone from analogue to digital, and finally transitioned into e-documents. With workplaces increasingly becoming paperless and the Covid-19 pandemic dealing a huge blow to printing volume in the printing industry, is printing, or having a photocopier in the workplace, still important?

While the general consensus seems to steer towards that printing is dying out, the numbers say otherwise. Global Newswire Website states that the Global Commercial Printing Market is valued at $411.99B in 2020. Furthermore, it’s forecasted to value at $472.35B by 2026, making its’ CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) 2.24% for 2021-2026. For an industry faced with growing threats, its growth is impressive. So why is printing still relevant?

When all else fails, hardcopies can be used

In this modern day, going digital is like breathing. Documents, advertisements, and many more are all stored digitally. However, this technology has one flaw: technical failure. Even the most expensive and highest quality brands of computers and laptops cannot avoid this.

The multi-function photocopier carves out a niche of its own as a stalwart office commodity. Remember that even when trouble arises, it will be there to churn out copies.

Paper is still important for certain workplaces

As with all government agencies, data privacy and sensitivity must be treated with the utmost of secrecy. Digitally storing sensitive data makes it vulnerable to hackers. That’s why the government agencies rely so heavily on offline work. This makes printing so much more relevant.

Nothing can beat physical evidence

Nothing beats the feeling of holding and reading from a stack of freshly printed notes and reading materials as compared to reading a digital document. Think it’s bogus? A 2018 collaborative study between Israel and Spain on comprehensibility between print & digital showed that participants displayed higher comprehension capability for print materials compared to digital.

This backs up the importance of physically printing documents. In a meeting where an employee is required to conduct a PowerPoint presentation, physical copies of the meeting agenda can keep the meeting participants engaged.


There is nothing wrong with the digitalization of company documents. In fact, the act of storing file digitally is one of the most efficient things a company can execute. However, it is important to not disregard the many advantages of printing on paper.

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