So you have purchased a photocopier for your company’s use. This new photocopier replaces the many desktop printers that has previously failed during critical moments during office hours, but in an effort to cut cost, you decided to not purchase a service warranty from the service provider who you bought the photocopier from.

Unfortunately, the lack of service warranty will incur more cost to you in the long run. Here are 5 reasons why you should purchase a photocopier service warranty:

Regular Maintenance

Purchasing a service warranty means you are entitled to regular maintenance from the photocopier service warranty who you bought the warranty from.

As a measure, copier technicians will service your photocopier at least once a month. This servicing includes checking of internal components and topping up of toner.

Regular maintenance ensures that the photocopier you purchased continues to operate at peak performance, increasing its lifespan and reducing downtime.

Cost Savings

As your photocopier continues to be used daily, parts are bound to break down due to wear and tear. If you have no service warranty, you may have to chalk up a minimum of SGD100 for servicing, exclusive of the spare parts cost.

Opting for the service warranty from the start on will allow you to be covered for the cost of spare parts. Moreover, regular maintenance and timely repairs will prevent major issues that can be quite expensive to fix. Ultimately, a service warranty will reduce the overall cost of your photocopier ownership.

Free Toner and Spare Parts

Not only do you get to have regular maintenance and save cost, but the service warranty entitles you to free toner and spare parts.

Toner cartridges can get very expensive, and can be a significant cost for any business. With a service warranty, you won’t have to worry about spending absurd amounts of money on copier toner cartridges and spare parts. Your service warranty covers EVERYTHING for you.

In conclusion, signing a service warranty contract for your photocopier is essential for the smooth operation of your business. It guarantees regular maintenance, , cost savings, and free toner and spare parts. If you have not yet signed up for a service warranty contract, it is highly recommended to enquire with your copier service provider to ensure that your photocopier is always in good working condition.

How McLink Asia Can Help You

With over 20 years of experience in curating photocopier solutions for businesses, McLink Asia is the #1 Copier Service Provider for all your needs.

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  • Exceptional customer service to log your issues
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  • Free toner and spare parts

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