Multi-Functional photocopiers are usually high maintenance. Furthermore, despite its use-friendly interface, there are still factors in addition to the common photocopier problems that may destroy the high-initial investment that your business did. So, here are some actions on how to Use Photocopiers the Right Way.

  • Body Parts Not Allowed
  • Maintenance is the Key
  • Keep the Toner Where It is

BODY PARTS NOT ALLOWED: You ever wonder how does it feel to photocopy what’s beneath your trousers? Well, you better stop that nonsense since photocopiers are not made to support much weight. The act of doing this can and will cause damage to your machine flushing your investment down the drain.

MAINTENANCE IS THE KEY: Let’s be honest, there is only so much that prevention can do. Moreover, a multi-functional photocopier machine works on a complex technology that only experts can handle. So, don’t think twice on investing in a weekly or even quarterly maintenance. This advice might save you unnecessary expenses.

KEEP THE TONER WHERE IT IS: Initially, photocopiers run due to constant use. As you know, toners contains harmful substance for human beings which will be bad for a work environment. Unless you use an organic toner, the only thing you can do is to give the machine proper ventilation. You can execute this by placing it in an area where air can flow freely to reduce risks.


Photocopiers pose as an important investment to companies who do high-quantity printing. Moreover, it is vital for smoother business activities. For this to be sustainable, above are some key factors on how to Use Photocopiers the Right Way. Photocopiers can help you. only if you also help it.